The VC Benchmark Sessions are private roundtable discussions that gather professionals working in venture capital funds to share everyday best practices related to working in a VC fund. The goal of these sessions is to discuss and compare fund-related tasks and activities, such as pipeline management, LP reporting, and communication. The discussions are confidential and constructive, and each participant is expected to share their fund-related activity.




-Confidential roundtable discussions after work (ca 4-6 pm)

-Ideally 5-10 attendees, preferably one person from each fund

-During each session, a topic relevant for professionals working in VC funds is discussed

-Before each session, participants write down their views on the topic on a shared document (gSlides, gDocs) – answers with names or anonymously

-The goal of the sessions is to gather (and eventually share) findings, in order to develop the (Finnish) VCs




Who can join?

Anyone working in the VC industry.


Who can arrange?

Anyone working in the VC field who is interested in discussing group-specific problem areas related to working in or running a VC.


What is required?

Willingness to share own experiences and challenges. There are no right answers.



Each host will arrange their own registration. You can find upcoming sessions in FVCA’s event calendar.


The Event


Pre-prepared material  (Shared in advance via Whatsapp & Google docs/slides)

-Profiles attending

-Theme related challenges & questions

-Activity examples (with name or anonymous)



-Participant intro (10min)

-Theme intro + Pre-material review (30min)

-Fund activity examples (1h)

-Key observations summary (10min)


Potential topics


Value add models for a fund
VC information management, contacts, notes, intros, communication tools


Deal flow pipeline management
Process examples, tools, management


LP reporting
Content, style, design, tools, back-office services.


VC’s network management
Contact management, communication


Document management, tools, and style



For more information and proposals, please contact: