2ndhand fashion startup Zadaa raises 2,3M€ to expand in Germany, France and England

“We see crazy potential in Zadaa, they have grown faster than expected,” tells Juha Ruohonen from Superhero Capital, the lead investor of the round.

Zadaa is a marketplace app that helps people to sell and buy clothes that fit. This Finnish company has been founded in 5/2015 and launched their service on markets 3/2016. Zadaa operates in Finland and Denmark and has now over 200 000 users and reaching this year 10 million euros worth of sales through the app.

“We have developed the world’s best service for consumers to deliver items to other people without any company being in between the physical movement” explains Zadaa’s CEO Iiro Kormi. “We have everything integrated in our service so that users can sell and buy with one click.”

With a unique logistics system the app is going to beat Ebay, Vinted, Depop and other competitors. Zadaa’s service can recognize your personal fashion twins all over Europe in order for you to shop second hand fashion even easier than new clothes online.

Additional information:

Iiro Kormi
CEO / Digital Fabric Oy
+358 44 5418159 / iiro@zadaa.co