Enterprise business process automation at the core of a newly founded Nordic Epistemic.vc

Epistemic.vc, founded by four seasoned industry and technology leaders Taneli Tikka, Viivi Nuorti, Javier Reyes and Erik Tjelta, is the newest venture capital fund in Europe. The founders are technology, legal, and corporate finance experts who have worked for years in the very frontier where digitalization meets enterprise operations.

The partners draw on hard-won, prior successes to work with validated fintech startups and scaleups that digitize and automate enterprise BPOs. The partners have already raised an encouraging amount of equity commitments and will continue accepting equity until the early 2020. Epistemic also welcomes highly technical fintech trainees and analysts to join the practice as the healthy equity flow traction and amount of agreed investment targets calls for more hands.

“We stay a few steps ahead of agnostic fintech VCs by knowing how to pick the real winners from our niche and developing field. We are ultra-specialized and only invest into what seems to most as the boring side of enterprise digitalization – and that exactly is our secret to success.” says Nuorti, an Enterprise Digital Transformation Project Manager who works with manufacturing, financial sector, and resources industries enterprise clients.

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Partner, Epistemic.vc
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