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Aboa Venture Management Oy

Access Capital Partners

Fund investments. Established in 1999, assets under management EUR 8,5 billion.

Adelis Equity Partners

Aikainen Oy

Aikainen invests in teams who are fearless enough to think they can change the world with the help of digitalisation.

Aikainen Oy


Almaral invests in early-stage biotechnology and life science startups. Along with the investment Almaral also provides guidance in risk management, building up long term strategies, setting up operational functions, legal support, setting up sales and marketing functions as well as commercialization.

Almaral Oy

Armada Credit Partners

Aura Capital

Founded 1997, Aura Capital is one of the few private venture capital firms in Finland. From its inception Aura Capital has had a pleasure to invest in over 30 companies. Today Aura Capital focuses to manage its existing portfolio and thus makes no new investments.


A leading Nordic private equity investor in the mid-market.


Berling Capital Oy

Berling Capital Oy is a group of companies owned by one family. The company began operations in 1976. Berling Capital Oy has operated 40 years in Private Equity, the buying, holding and selling of companies. Less than forty M&A transactions and / or acquisitions have been made during the operating history. At most, the company’s majority-owned companies have employed about 700 people.

Boa Group Oy

Boa Group invests into ambitious SME companies in Finland.

Bocap Private Equity

Butterfly Ventures

Butterfly Ventures is investing in the seed stage startups particularly from Finland, but also from other Nordic countries and Baltics. Right now we’re looking for deep tech, HW and HW interfacing SW. We prefer to get involved with companies early on. 80% of our portfolio companies do not have any revenue at the time of our entry. However, we’re very business driven, typically our portfolio companies start generating revenue in less than 6 months from the first investment.

Canelco Capital

Canelco Capital is a venture capital firm that specializes in company acquisitions and other ownership arrangements of small- and medium-sized companies. We act as a financial manager for professional investors and a strategic development partner for companies.

Canelco manages a capital of about 50 million euros and employs 6 venture capital specialists in Kuopio, Helsinki, and Tampere.



Conor Venture Partners

Corporatum Oy

Courage Ventures

We invest in early stage Digital Health startups in the Nordics and Baltics, the region with the most sophisticated Digital Health ecosystem driving the next wave of innovations.

Dasos Capital

Dasos Capital Oy, established in 2005, is an independent company whose majority is owned by the Management Team. We act as an investment advisor to institutional investors, endowments, private banks, family offices and other clients interested in sustainable international timberland investing.

Dasos generates returns in the form of net cash flows from sustainable forest management, forest certification and from utilising identified market and management inefficiencies. In addition, we pursue complementary revenue from environmental services (e.g. carbon sequestration) and sale of higher and better use (HBU) lands. We also expect to realise additional long-term returns from timberland appreciation.

With combined total volume of funds and assets at over EUR 700 million, Dasos Capital acts as an Investment Advisor for Dasos Timberland Fund I and Dasos Timberland Fund II, both private equity funds investing in sustainable timberland investments in Europe and emerging markets. The Funds’ investors include Finnish and other European pension funds and endowments, family offices and other investors.

Dasos Capital is a member of the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) and the American Chamber of Commerce in Finland. We have signed UN’s Principles of Responsible Investment and are a member of Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum (FINSIF).

Dasos Capital is authorised as Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) in Finland.


Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company

eQ logo

eQ Plc

EQT Partners

EQT is a leading alternative investments firm with approximately EUR 35 billion in raised capital across 22 funds. In 1996, the first investment was made in Finland and in 1999, EQT opened its Helsinki office. EQT Funds have invested approximately EUR 1,7 billion in Finnish companies, and today Finnish portfolio companies have more than 10.000 employees. The current portfolio includes Terveystalo, Musti & Mirri and Touhula. EQT is a responsible and a long-term owner, committed to developing the companies with the support of extensive EQT Industrial Advisors network. EQT’s mission has remained the same since 1994 – EQT invests in good companies across the world to help them develop into great and sustainable companies.

EGP logo

Evli Growth Partners

We love to invest our time, energy, contacts and knowledge on your beautiful company (and also about 5 meuros on your b-round).


EAB Private Equity Ltd works also as part of Evli, carrying out co-investment projects in unlisted later-stage target companies.


EAB Private Equity | Evli

Evolver Equity Ltd

Evolver helps Swedish and Finnish owner-led companies to realise their inherent potential. As devoted owners we contribute with know-how, tools and capital that accelerate growth and value creation.

FOV Ventures

We are Europe’s first Metaverse specific fund investing up to 500k EUR at pre-seed and seed stage into founders building the Metaverse. We are not jumping on a bandwagon, we have been investing in this space for the past 7 years. We have tens of companies in our track record, a couple of exits and co-investments with global tier 1 VC’s.

Gerako Oy

Gerako Oy, founded in 1974, is a family company from Espoo and the parent company of the Gerako Group.

gorilla logo

Gorilla Capital

Gorilla Capital is a Finnish venture capital fund investing in early-stage companies that apply technology to solve real business problems of today.

Greencode Ventures

We invest in the most impactful digital-first green transition early-phase European startups.

Greencode Ventures

Guida Invest

Guida is part of Divest Group. Our 20 year experience is mainly on financial management, sales and marketing and other support functions. Our assets are 5 MEUR and we do our investments directly out from own balance sheet. Our target companies are mainly 0,2-5,0 MEUR turnover b-to-b companies. Investment is working capital, loan or direct equity and the size is 50.000-200.000 EUR.

Hartwall Capital

Hartwall Capital is a Finnish, family owned investment company aiming to create sustainable value growth through active ownership. Hartwall Capital has its roots in Oy Hartwall Ab, a beverage company established in 1836.

Hartwall Capital invests in listed and non-listed companies in the Nordics with the main emphasis on Finland. Hartwall Capital seeks the position of the largest owner in the listed portfolio companies and position of control in the non-listed portfolio companies. The target companies may represent different branches and be in different phases of the company life cycle. However, the target companies should have passed their start-up phase.


Hartwall Capital

Helen Ventures

Helen Ventures is the investment arm of Helen, a leading Finnish energy company. We focus on early phase tech startups focusing on the energy sector and the related sectors (ICT, cleantech, circular economy). We are a strategic investor supporting creative startups that share our passion to transforming the energy sector. We invite startups to engage in pilots and connect with our extensive customer base. We offer financing as well as insights on how to grow business in the energy sector. Our journey together is founded on Helen’s solid energy sector expertise and networks in Finland and internationally.

Together we supercharge the future.

Helmet Capital

Helmet, founded in 1999 is a Finnish private equity focused on developing well-established and profitable SMEs in Finland. We have invested in 53 companies and exited from 39 investments.

The annual return on investment (IRR) for our investment has exceeded 20%.

Our team has extensive and long-standing experience in a variety of industries and companies of all sizes. We bring to each of our investments a knowledgeable three-person team that actively participates in corporate and executive committee work and is always available to assist the management. Together we will create a shared growth plan and support its implementation.

Helsingin yliopisto logo

Helsinki University Funds

Helsinki University Funds (“HYR”) is part of the University of Helsinki Group. HYR manages the endowment funds of the university and distributes part of the profits to support the university financially. A minor part of HYR’s capital is invested in unlisted companies, mainly spin-outs created based on university research. All future unlisted investments will be made exclusively in companies affiliated with the University of Helsinki, primarily as pre-seed / seed investments. On the other hand, we welcome all investors to explore the investment opportunities related to current and future spin-out cases of the University of Helsinki.

icebreaker logo is a venture capital firm and community for the brightest and nicest minds. Our team and hundreds of community members help you to create or join a startup team and build a tech company. Our fund invests in the angel and seed stages.

IK Investment Partners

Illusian Group Oy

Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company


Innovestor invests in the most promising early-stage technology and life science & health startups across the Nordics and Baltics. As one of Finland’s most active early-stage investors, we are often the first point of call for entrepreneurs seeking external funding. With one of the largest private venture capital portfolios in the Nordics, Innovestor is also proud to manage Finland’s only Life Science fund.



Inventure is one of the most experienced Nordic venture funds that specializes in helping its portfolio companies with talent and expansion. Since 2005, the team has been in venture with over 70 companies ranging from deep tech to consumer internet brands, including Wolt, Detectify, Blueprint Genetics, Swappie and Insurello. With its €230 million of assets under management, Inventure focuses on Seed and Series A investments across Nordics and Baltics, with offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.

Twitter: @InventureVC

Linkedin: Inventure


IPR.VC invests in media content, with special focus on international TV and film productions and rights.

juuri partners logo

Juuri Partners

Juuri Partners is a financing and business development and growth partner for solid, established Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises. Juuri supports the owners and management of companies in implementing the strategy and business – in a comprehensive way from board work to the development of day-to-day operations.

The financing needed to fuel the growth of a portfolio company is always tailored on the basis of the company’s growth plan. The financing provided for a single company typically totals EUR 3–12 million, combined with a growth leap. Juuri is involved in the company either as a minority or a majority owner. Juuri is strongly involved in supporting the implementation of the target company’s business plan and its growth through optimal overall financing tailored to the company’s needs, also utilising debt instruments when necessary.

Juuri Partners shares a strong mutual interest with the other owners of its target companies to develop the company and increase its shareholder value.

KEM Ventures

Korkia Capital

Korkia is a Finnish company specialized in investing, financing and developing, focused in sustainability. We build growth by constantly seeking to discover new opportunities and if needed – creating some ourselves. We do this by combining corporate development, financing and investing in a unique way. We enjoy solving complex problems and thus enabling successful futures for our clients.

We specialize in three sustainable infrastructure areas: Renewable Energy, Circular Economy and Waste-to-Energy. Our current focus is on solar energy project companies in Europe & Latin America, as well as growth financing for companies within the above-defined sectors. Korkia currently manages more than 100 MW peaks of solar energy assets in Chile, and is constructing a portfolio of solar assets in Spain. Korkia also manages a portfolio of minority investments in Finnish growth companies that focus on sustainability. In Spring 2019, Korkia launched a real estate fund focused on land plots in growing city areas in Finland. Prospective target companies for growth financing must have proprietary technology and a clear link to sustainable development.

korona invest logo

Korona Invest

Korpun Siemen Oy

We invest in seed phase start-ups. Typical ticket size is 50-200keur.


Korpun Siemen Oy

Kovanen Capital Oy


Kvanted Ventures Oy

Kvanted invests in early-stage companies on a mission to disrupt the industrial value chain and shape the society. We invest in industrial tech companies with hardware and software solutions in Northern Europe. Our investment philosophy is rooted in accelerating industrial decarbonization and digital transformation.


LähiTapiola Vaihtoehtorahastot Oy

Leo Capital

Leo Capital is a venture capital fund which helps to create industry leading technology centric organizations.

Leo Capital

Lifeline Ventures

Lifeline Ventures is a Finland-based early-stage venture capital firm founded by serial entrepreneurs. We invest in strong founders in sectors we know by heart from our experience as entrepreneurs. Our goal is to be the first person the entrepreneur reaches out to in times of trouble and joy. So far, we have invested in 70+ companies including category-leaders such as Applifier, Varjo, Moves, Supercell, uBiome, and ZenRobotics.



LocalTapiola Mutual Insurance Company

M&M Growth Partners

Mandatum Asset Management

Mandatum Asset Management Private Equity offers sizable minority investments for Nordic companies with significant growth potential. MAM PE wants to be part of exceptional growth journeys by being an active minority owner and by providing expertise, connections, and flexible growth capital for established and ambitious teams. Mandatum Asset Management is a part of Sampo Group.


Metsä Spring is the venture capital arm of Metsä Group. We invest worldwide in promising startups and early-stage companies that can benefit from being part of the Metsä Group business ecosystem. In addition to financing, we also provide access to Metsä Group’s global network and expertise.

Midinvest Management





NGP Capital

NGP Capital is a global venture capital firm that backs early-stage B2B companies from Series A onwards in Europe, the US, Israel, and China within enterprise software, industrial tech, cybersecurity, and infrastructure. Through its $400m fifth fund launched in 2022, NGP Capital invests in companies driving the convergence of the physical and virtual. Founded in 2005, NGP Capital has over $1.6B in assets under management and has invested in more than 100 companies of which 18 became unicorns and 11 went on to IPO.


Learn more on their website. You can also find them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Nordia Management Oy

Nordia Management is a privately owned private equity management company. Nordia manages Nordia Rahasto Ltd Growth fund. The funds investment focus is health, wellbeing, leisure & travel enterprises



nordic capital logo

Nordic Capital

Nordic Capital is a leading private equity investor in the Nordic region with a resolute commitment to creating stronger, sustainable businesses through operational improvement and transformative growth. Nordic Capital focuses on selected regions and sectors where it has deep experience and a proven track record. Core sectors are Healthcare, Technology & Payments, Financial Services, Industrial Goods & Services and Consumer & Retail, and key regions are the Nordics, Northern Europe, and globally for Healthcare. Since inception in 1989, Nordic Capital has invested EUR 12 billion through nine funds. The Nordic Capital Funds are based in Jersey and are advised by advisory entities, which are based in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany and the UK.

Nordic FoodTech VC

Nordic FoodTech VC is the first fund in the Nordics investing explicitly in the future of food. We invest in early-stage innovative companies in all Nordic and Baltic countries.

Nordic Game Ventures

We grow great companies and secure future jobs while profiting from the greatest Nordic export industry success in ages, the games industry, which will show continued growth for at least five to ten years. While doing this, we get additional leverage by focusing on a single, geographically delimited industry. We use our unique advantages to the outmost, as the games industry really is special, a challenge for most investors, not just for lack of industry background or networks. Nordic Game Ventures is founded by ten Nordic games entrepreneurs and gamer entrepreneurs, a true representation of smart capital. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are all represented by our early partners.

Nordic Option

Nordic Option Oy is Equity Fund established 1994. We invest in small and medium size growth companies with promising outlook and location in Northern Finland. We don’t have any other sector restrictions but property investments. Our Initial Investment size is 0,5-2 m€.

NordicNinja VC

We are a venture capital firm with over 100 million euros to supporting scale-up goals in the Nordic and Baltic region. We know the investment size is not everything, and that’s why we’re proud to have an awesome network of great minds around the world, especially in Japan. We are backed by Honda, Panasonic, Omron and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. We love tech, especially robotics, automation, health tech, AI and mobility, but we’re open-minded. We’d also love to co-invest with the local investors, but if needed, we are happy to lead as well.

norvestor logo


Nostetta Ventures

Panostaja Plc

PROfounders Capital

PROfounders Capital is the proactive venture capital fund in Europe. We invest in consumer and B2B early-stage technology companies across Europe with founders who are disrupting massive markets, with global ambitions.

Reaktor Ventures

Reaktor Ventures is laser-focused at helping seed stage companies become global leaders.

Redrowal Oy


Redstone manages multiple VC funds as well as sector-specific corporate venture funds. We cover themes ranging from Industry 4.0 and FinTech to PropTech, digital health and retail-tech. In addition, we manage two regional funds in Finland focusing on dealflow from North Karelia and South Savo.

Redstone reinvented corporate venture capital through our VC-as-a-Service model, which connects industry leaders with ambitious founders. Together with our industry partners, we activate corporate capital, knowledge and network to support our entrepreneurs in growing their businesses. Additionally to our investment service we provide tailored intelligence that empowers partners to make better-informed strategic decisions and stay informed about future digital trends. Redstone is run by experienced entrepreneurs and investors with deep roots in the German and European technology ecosystem. Our founding partners have built and advised some of Europe’s largest technology companies over the last two decades. With globally operating investment and data analytics teams, we strive to find and support the most ambitious ventures in sectors and stages that match our funds’ investment theses.


Risera Oy

Risera Oy works as a helper for the company’s turning points.

S-Bank Fund Management Ltd

S-Bank Fund Management Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of S-Bank Plc, which carries out investment fund operations as referred to in the Investment Funds Act and manages alternative funds. S-Bank’s private equity funds include both private credit funds in the form of limited partnership and non-UCITS funds.


More from S-Bank’s website (in Finnish)

Saari Partners

Sanoma Media Finland

Sanoma Media Finland provides Media for Equity investments for companies in growth and scale-up phases. Media for Equity is a venture capital investment model where Sanoma offers extensive advertising space for companies in exchange for minority ownership. Sanoma can potentially provide also cash as part of the deal.

Sanoma Media Finland

Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures is the corporate venturing subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company. Our mission is: “to invest globally into early-stage and high growth companies with technologies of strategic importance to Aramco, to accelerate their development and their deployment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”


Serafim Finans

Serafim Finans is a credit market company/alternative lender.


Serafim Finans

sontek logo

Sontek Ventures Oy

Sontek Ventures is providing responsible funding to small and medium sized business in B2B IT, Health/Meditech and Cleantech sector.

sparkmind vc is the first Nordic venture capital company focused on the learning sector. We invest in teams transforming early childhood, K12, higher, secondary and vocational education as well as corporate and lifelong learning. Our geographical home field is Europe, while we can also selectively do investments outside the region. We invest from seed to international growth phase with single investments up to €5m.

If you can deliver better learning outcomes, increased access, improved process efficiency or actionable insight from data, we would love to hear from you.

sponsor capital logo

Sponsor Capital

Sponsor is a Finnish private equity investor that acquires majority shares in small and mid sized companies and develops their activities in cooperation with their management. We have an experienced organization with long history of working successfully together. Since 1997 we have invested in over 30 companies of which over 20 has been exited. Typically we invest in companies with net sales between 15 and 150 million euros.

SPV Investments

Straightforward Capital

We help technology companies with scalability potential and global vision to unleash their growth potential. The team has background both in corporate financing and entrepreneurship, which ensures the straightforward and hands on approach. We are happy to take the lead and guide the companies from early growth through the multiple phases of development. Our initial investments range from 500 thousand to 2 million euros.



Taaleri Private Equity Funds

Through our private equity funds, we participate in various projects that build the Finnish society, create jobs and promote the national economy.

Takoa Growth

Takoa Growth is a Finnish family-owned investment company. We own and develop companies with growth potential as well as real estates both in Finland and abroad.

Our goal as a long-term and active owner is to help growth companies to develop and grow their businesses also internationally.

Our objectives as a real-estate owner are to offer high-class and workable real estates for businesses and to serve as a long-term and reliable partner. In addition to investment contributions, our in-depth expertise and extensive network enable our portfolio companies to develop and expand their operations. Due to our long entrepreneurial experience, we understand what it takes economically and emotionally to build up and grow businesses.

Tesi logo


Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment) is a state-owned investment company. We invest in companies directly or via funds. With our investments we provide our portfolio companies with capital as well as valuable expertise to grow on international markets. Our investments may range from 2 to 20 million EUR.

Tesi always invests together with private investors and on the same terms as them and with the same expectations for returns. Thus we can increase the average size of investments, share risks as well as bring expertise and contact networks crucial to growth. Our co-investors are domestic and foreign private equity investors, pension funds, industrial investors and private investors.

Our investments under management are approximately 1,6 billion EUR. Tesi’s portfolio consists of more than 90 funds and more than 60 direct investments.


The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Trill Impact

Trill Impact is a pioneering Impact House with more than EUR 1 billion in assets under management across our Impact Private Equity and Microfinance investment advisory strategies, targeting businesses with the ambition to create powerful societal impact alongside competitive financial returns.

Trill Impact

Trind Ventures

Trind Ventures is a seed-stage venture fund focusing on startups with a consumer or community component. It is headquartered in Tallinn with offices also in Helsinki and Munich.

Our initial tickets range from 100k to 1m, and we can follow-up up to 1m. Some notable portfolio companies include Ready Player Me, Jobilla, Neural DSP, and Nordcloud (exited).

Triton Partners

Triton is an investment firm investing in medium-sized businesses in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. We focus on companies with the potential to create sustainable, long-term value through changing economic cycles and we work closely with management to achieve that.

We are currently invested in companies in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden, with combined sales of around €13.2 billion and more than 89,000 employees.

Vaaka Partners

Vaaka Partners is a Finnish private equity firm that helps mid-sized companies become business champions.


We began minority investing in 1989, gradually shifting to buyout investing. In 2010, we became an independent private equity firm, focused on building winning businesses by combining operational insight and new growth opportunities in a collaborative team environment.


The Vaaka factor


Our ambition is to be the #1 partner for entrepreneurs and management teams of mid-sized companies in our home markets. We offer our companies:


1. Tools for developing high-performing management teams and companies

2. People with knowledge of and experience in growing businesses in the global marketplace

3. Collaboration built on integrity and transparency


Our current companies include Framery, Staria, and Bolt.Works. We are also behind the success stories of Business Champions like Kotikatu, Solita, and Musti ja Mirri.



Vallgrund Invest

Vallgrund Invest is a Finnish-based private equity investor. Our goal is to boost the growth of Finnish small and medium sized companies through active ownership together with the entrepreneurs. We invest trough both share issue and sale typically 0,5-5 million euros at a time.

Vallgrund Invest

Vallgrund Invest is a Finnish-based private equity investor. Our goal is to boost the growth of Finnish small and medium sized companies through active ownership together with the entrepreneurs. We invest trough both share issue and sale typically 0,5-5 million euros at a time.

Vendep Capital

Vendep invests in founders that build amazing SaaS companies. We invest from Pre-seed to series A in Nordics and Baltics. Our first ticket is 0.1 – 3M€ depending on your stage. Ideally, we join forces when you have €30k+ in MRR to prove the business model is working. We invest from a fresh 70M euro fund.


Verdane is a specialist growth equity investment firm that partners with ambitious Northern European tech-enabled businesses to help them reach the next stage of international growth. Verdane pioneered portfolio acquisitions in Northern Europe in 2003, and announced a complementary fund strategy entirely dedicated to direct investments in 2018. Verdane’s eight funds hold €2bn in total commitments and have made over 120 thematic investments into category leaders in digital consumer, energy & resource efficiency and software businesses. Verdane’s team of 61, based in Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Oslo and Stockholm, is dedicated to being the best growth partner in Northern Europe.


verso logo

Verso Capital

Verso Capital, founded in 2012, is a growth stage buy-out investor focusing on European B2B businesses. We invest primarily into businesses that have up to 50M of revenue, but currently have growth bottlenecks hindering business performance.

We specialise in carve-out situations, and acquire businesses that are not performing optimally in their current environment. With more than 100 spin-offs and M&A transactions done by our team, we have extensive experience in building and executing even challenging carve-outs quickly and effectively.

We are the majority owner of our portfolio companies, and spend a significant amount of our time working with the management to solve growth and profitability challenges, and re-shaping the business. We have a long and proven track record in developing and growing international B2B businesses.

We are a transparent and trustworthy partner, and will actively help our investments to reach their full potential.

Verso has to date invested in 12 portfolio companies, of which three have been sold. Our two current funds have over EUR 60 M investment capital.



VNT Management

Voima Ventures

Voima Ventures is an early-stage venture capital company based in Finland. We help founders to accelerate the growth of deep technology ventures to global markets. Our team consists of growth entrepreneurs and investors with a passion for deep tech. We combine science-driven innovation together with the Nordic serial entrepreneurial experience and a global mindset.



Voland Partners Oy

We offer growth funding for ambitious and responsible technology companies.

Wave Ventures

The first student-run VC in the Nordics and the biggest one in Europe. Pre-seed funding for the boldests teams in the Nordics.

Wave Ventures focuses on pre-seed investments in Nordic startups. The company wishes to invest in the most audacious founders emerging from the Finnish and Nordic startup ecosystems. Startups seeking an investment should have global ambitions and the next tech-enabled, breakthrough idea.

The fund is a bold blend of ambitious young minds, experienced advisors and venture capital. Judging by their own experience, the young managing team strongly believes in having the right mindset and in learning by doing. Wave Ventures was founded in 2016 and the headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland. The fund size is € 1,5 million, and the amount invested in startups ranges between €10k-50k.

Whether you need feedback for your idea or funding for your venture, we would love to hear from you.

Twitter: @WaveVentures

LinkedIn: Wave Ventures