About us

FVCA is the industry body and public policy advocate for the venture capital and private equity investors in Finland. As the voice of the Finnish VC and PE community and the entrepreneurs they fund, it is our role to demonstrate the positive impact of the industry on the Finnish economy and to provide market intelligence, specialist training and more.


FVCA improves the operating environment of the industry through active policy work, research and communications. The association also develops and maintains professional standards and guidelines for the industry in Finland, and provides training for its members. For more information read: FVCA’s Rules and Guidelines


The majority of VC and PE investors operating in Finland are members of the association. Members that belong to the Other Private Equity Investors -category, make PE investments from their balance sheet. The association also has limited partners and service providers as members.


FVCA is a member of Invest Europe, the association representing Europe’s private equity and venture capital industry, as well as their investors. FVCA is also a registrant in the European Union’s Transparency Register. The register is a database that lists organisations that try to influence the law-making and policy implementation process of the EU institutions. It allows for public scrutiny, giving citizens and other interest groups the possibility to track the activities of lobbyists. The relations of members are governed with a Code of Conduct.


The association’s privacy notice can be found here. If you have any comments or questions please do contact us.


Interested in becoming a member?


Joining FVCA provides an excellent opportunity for PE and VC investors, Limited Partners and service providers to become an active part of the Finnish PE and VC community.


Examples of direct member benefits:

– access to association’s Extranet, statistics and research

– member events and networking

– guidelines and recommendations

– inclusion in the member directory

– member newsletter

– support with PR and communications

– committee memberships


Members also benefit from FVCA’s work as the leading public policy advocate for the PE and VC industry in Finland.


To apply for membership in the Finnish Venture Capital Association, please fill out the application form here.