A Mentor Group for the Venture Capital and Private Equity industry in Finland has been created to help new VC&PE funds, newcomers in the industry, and people who are interested in the scene. The meetings with the mentors are meant to be informal – grabbing lunch, sharing thoughts about a current issue in the industry or helping out with challenges that might come up. Above all, the mentors are supposed to give support and help to teams that have already started or people who are interested in the PE&VC industry. We warmly welcome anyone, also students from different backgrounds to apply for a mentor from the Mentor Group.


You can apply for mentoring by filling in an application form here. We kindly ask you to also send us your CV and an application letter through the form. The association’s office will contact you as soon as possible and connect you with the right mentor.


Read more about the career paths in the VC and PE industry:


– “Finnish tech ecosystem needs diversity, and it isn’t all about gender” – Ekaterina Gianelli, Inventure


– “Monesti ajetaan liian suoraan maaliin” – Kansainvälinen neuvottelija Anita Ojala, Juuri Partners


– “En ikinä pääsisi töihin meille” – Tienraivaaja Tuomo Raasio, CapMan


Apply for mentoring through this form!