Nordic Venture Capital: 2019 Strong and Solid

Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Reykjavik, Stockholm 15th of December 2020

Nordic Venture Network (NVN) – the venture association of the leading technology venture capital firms in the Nordic region – today announces the 2019 results of the Nordic Venture Performance Index (NVPI).

Nordic venture capital has created superior returns since 2000

The net returns for the venture Index are higher than for the public market equivalents 2000-2019. The estimated net IRR for the entire period is 15.9%, which compares to a net IRR of 13.1% for the Nordic Small Cap Index and 12.8% for the Nasdaq 100 in the same period. Taking into consideration the fee structure, with higher fees in the first years of venture funds compared to the fees in later years of the funds’ lifetime, the estimated net IRR is even higher with 23% for the entire period.

Nordic new investment volume at a record in 2019

2019 was busy on the investment front and a record year of new investments with €512 million invested.

“Nordic Venture is on par with the best fund managers in the world and we are happy to see that our Index proves that our asset class is outperforming most other investment categories. World-class companies are being built in the Nordic ecosystem,” says Jari Mieskonen, Chairman of NVN and Managing Partner of Conor Venture Partners.

The NVPI was created to establish a credible index showing the actual returns from the Nordic venture capital market. The index is an efficient tool to communicate the performance and risk profile of the Nordic venture capital market and will help attract more capital to Nordic start-up and scale-up companies. The NVPI is based on the data from 10 venture capital firms, 40 funds and 768 portfolio companies, and covers the period from 2000 – 2019. The index is based on full cash flow information from all participating funds.

The NVPI was mandated by NVN and created by Henrik Talborn at Swedish House of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics. Partial financing and support for the project have been received from Nordic Innovation, an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

For more information about the NVPI please contact the management, the local contact or the NVN board responsible for the NVPI. (

Contact details

NVN responsible for the NVPI:
Heartcore Capital
Jimmy Fussing Nielsen, Partner
Tel: + 45 27128221

Jari Mieskonen
Chairman of NVN and Managing Partner of Conor Venture Partners.
Tel: +358 50 5636992

Henrik Talborn
Executive Director, Swedish House of Finance Research Data Center
Mobile: +46 70 68 58 288

Nordic Venture Network:
Tomas Bennich, Executive Management
Tel: + 46 70916067