Potential IPOs in Finland 2018-2022

Who are the VC and PE investors behind the candidates for next IPOs?  The updated Potential IPOs In Finland -listing includes again several fast-growing Finnish companies from a variety of domains that are maturing in VC and PE funds’ portfolios and are expected to be listed in Helsinki Stock Exchange in the upcoming years. See below, who are the investors backing the prominent companies such as Myllyn Paras, Staffpoint, and Zenrobotics.

Finnish companies received over 2 billion euros in buyout funding between 2015-2017. Almost half of this comes from international investors. The target companies are usually part of their investor’s portfolio from 3 to 7 years, after which the investor exits the company.

By the amount of cost, the most prominent exit route last year was initial public offering (IPO) or sale of quoted equity. Consequently, the majority of new companies listed in Helsinki Stock Exchange in the recent years have been private-equity backed – 62 % of all listed companies in 2017 had had private equity investor backing them either right during IPO or earlier in their growth path.

The annual Potential IPOs in Finland -listing includes selected Finnish companies from a variety of domains, which are expected to be seen in Helsinki Stock Exchange in the upcoming years.

The list has been compiled based on a questionnaire sent out to investors and it is non-binding. The companies listed below may be seen in the Helsinki Stock Exchange during the next five years, but the final decision depends on multiple varying factors.

Potential IPOs in Finland 2018-2022
Investor: Adelis Equity

Puuilo | QMG

Investor: Aura Capital Oy


Investor: Butterfly Ventures

Naava | KNL NetworksOptiWatti

Investor: CapMan

Havator | Kämp Collection Hotels | Forenom | DEN Group | KotiSun

Investor: EQT Partners

Musti ja Mirri | Touhula

Investor: Innovestor

Primex Pharmaceuticals | M-Brain | Bioretec | 9SolutionsSensireMiradoreMeveaBCB Medical | Ginolis | Makia | MultiTaction | Transfluent | ZenRobotics | Oceanvolt | Emtele | Swap.com

Investor: Intera Partners

Kreate | Stella | Rototec | HopLop | Renta | Sitowise | Roima

Investor: Inventure

Mekitec | Blueprint Genetics

Investor: IPR.VC Management

Lightneer | Gigglebug Entertainment

Investor: Juuri Partners

Hydroline | N-Clean

Investor: Korona Invest

Pilke Päiväkodit

Investor: MB Funds

Kotkamills | Parmaco | TransvalProtacon

Investor: Nexit Ventures

Aava Mobile

Investor: Sievi Capital

iLOQ | Indoor Group

Investor: Sponsor Capital

Orthex Group | Staffpoint GroupAccountor GroupMyllyn Paras

Investor: Tesi


Tesi’s co-investments (lead investor in brackets): Optomed (Aura Capital) | Forenom (CapMan) | DEN Group (CapMan) | KotiSun (CapMan) | Touhula (EQT Partners) | MultiTaction (Innovestor) | Mekitec (Inventure) | Stella (Intera Partners) | Kotkamills (MB Funds)