Report: International Private Equity Investors in Finland – Buyout and Growth

Finnish growth companies have received a total of €6.7 billion in investments from domestic and foreign private equity investors between 2013–2020. Foreign private equity investors accounted for more than half of the total, i.e., more than €3.6 billion in total. Of the Finnish growth companies that have received a growth or buyout investment, 17% have received an investment from international private equity investors.

In 2020, growth companies in Finland received €851 million in investments from domestic and foreign growth and buyout investors. In 2010, the corresponding amount was €521 million. Of the total investment amount in 2020, €320 million came from domestic private equity investors and €531 million from foreign private equity investors. Of the number of investments made in Finnish companies, over half came from foreign private equity investors, and these investments were made in a total of 16 companies.

Since 2013, 47 international private equity investors have invested in Finnish growth companies. By the spring of 2021, these private equity investors have invested in a total of 71 established Finnish growth companies. In four of these companies, two international private equity investors have been involved.

Private equity investors who have invested in Finnish growth companies come from 13 different countries. Measured by the number of investments, most investments have come from Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Germany. 85% of companies that have received an investment from an international investor have received the investment from one of these five countries.

Swedish private equity investors alone have been involved in the journeys of 28 Finnish growth companies. This represents more than a third of all investments in terms of the number of investments. Swedish investors’ activity in the Finnish private equity field is also reflected in the fact that some Swedish private equity investors have set up an office in Finland.

The industry-specific interests of Finnish and international private equity investors are very similar. Both foreign and domestic private equity investors are particularly interested in industrial products and B2B services offered by Finnish companies. International investors invest the most in B2B services, while Finnish private equity investors invest in industrial companies. Industries of particular interest to international investors also include consumer goods, healthcare, and retail and distribution.

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