Gorilla Fund I starts generating carried interest following Duunitori exit

Duunitori Oy, the market leader in job search, has been acquired by the private equity firm Intera Partners. Duunitori is making recruiting and job search smarter and is a thought leader in digitalising them both.

Gorilla Fund I invested in Duunitori, then named Skyhood, in 2015. At the time, the company consisted of 5 people and revenue was in the low six figures – since then, it has doubled and redoubled time and again, reaching 14 million euros in 2021.

As a result of this highly succesful exit, Gorilla Fund I has already returned 2x the original capital, cash on cash, and there are many good companies remaining in the portfolio. Duunitori also became the largest exit among numerous positive ones in Gorilla Capital’s operating history, measured by the company’s exit value. It yielded a substantial return of 70x the initial investment.

Duunitori is a perfect example of the often overlooked type of a startup – the “camel” (which we love)  that focuses on building sustainable business rather than raising maximum amounts of capital to make risky bets. We are very proud of having been part of the Duunitori journey for 7 years. Their success is no coincidence“, says Risto Rautakorpi, Managing Partner at Gorilla Capital.