Nordic FoodTech VC makes its first investment in Chromologics (DK)

Nordic FoodTech VC joined Novo Holdings and the Danish Growth Fund in 1.9 M€ seed-round of Chromologics. This is our very first investment from the fund – and we are really excited to tell you why we love them so much. 

In short: Chromologics has created a biotech platform for a new generation of food colors. They put together modern biotechnology with a fungus that naturally makes colors. The first product is a natural red, that suits vegan, kosher and halal diets. The new color also works great in foods where the old ones don’t.  

It is made in a lab – by a fungus.

There is a massive demand for new sustainably produced natural colors on the market. It is a big challenge for the food industry – and Chromologics brings the right tech to the table.

Here are two reasons why we love Chromologics so much.

First, we believe the most radical new innovation shaping the future food system comes out of scientific research. Chromologics is a spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark, founded by two absolutely brilliant scientists and built on strong core technology.

The leap from the lab to building a super successful company is not easy. But it is how real impact is made. That is why we are so committed to back scientists-turned-entrepreneurs, like Gerit and Anders – and work hard with them.

Second, we believe biotechnology and microbial production system will play a fundamentally important role in the future food system.

Chromologics is a great example of a company making a superb product using fermentation technology instead of using animals (mites) or edible crop plants (tomatoes and beetroots). A fungus grown in bioreactors is much more resource efficient, but also independent of the season and weather. And colors for foods is just the beginning.

For us, this first investment marks a great start for building a truly Nordic fund supporting truly change making foodtech.

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Written by Nordic FoodTech VC