Nordic Game Ventures: “We Have Invested in Over 150 Nordic Teams”

Nordic Game Ventures is a venture capital firm that focuses entirely on the games industry. Both Erik Robertson, their managing partner, and Timo Ylikangas, general partner, have strong backgrounds in gaming: having been involved in the industry as game developers, educators, and angel investors, they’ve seen the gaming world from many different perspectives.

Erik and Timo both have strong backgrounds in the games industry, and they have been working together on various projects for years. Both their experience combined, they have – in one form or another – invested in over 150 Nordic teams over the years.

An Industry Full of Possibilities

“What we want is to be an asset to both the games industry and the investment community. The Nordic games industry is a success story as it is, but we want to work towards strengthening it even further. There is so much talent and so many great ideas out there, which just need to be commercialised”, Erik and Timo comment.

The pair sees the games industry as a growing sector full of possibilities – and not only because of games but the related technology as well.

“Games and entertainment in themselves are activities that people spend a lot of time doing. But there are also great opportunities in applying game technology to other contexts: to education, medical technology, and even space technology, to mention a few examples”, Timo continues.

The team points out e-sports as a growing scene as well. “Marketers haven’t fully understood the potential yet. If they want to reach the younger generations, they should take a look at how popular big e-sports events and tournaments have become”, Erik says.

Working Together with Portfolio Companies

Nordic Game Ventures’ team provides so-called smart capital to their portfolio companies. What this means, in a nutshell, is that in addition to capital, they bring their business expertise and contacts to the companies.

“Through our wide and engaged network of connections we can help the companies with virtually anything. Whether it’s marketing the upcoming games, recruitment, or tech solutions – we can cover it”, they say.

The firm’s investment focus is in the Nordics, and currently, there are Finnish and Swedish companies in their portfolio.

“The games industry is growing fast, and there is plenty of fish in that sea. We want to help the most promising companies to grow”, they conclude.