Pauliina Martikainen joins as an Investment Manager

Pauliina joined in the beginning of May 2019. As part of the investment team, Pauliina is on the lookout for companies that turn even the most complex ideas and deepest tech into sophistically simple yet engaging concepts and brands.

Prior to joining, Pauliina co-founded Wave Ventures, the first student-run VC fund in the Nordics and the largest of its kind in Europe. During this time, she also worked at the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA), promoting the interests of investors and growth companies to policymakers. After navigating the VC world for a few years, she embarks on her next chapter with two key findings: 1) to maximize learning, strive to be one hundred percent in a place where others think you should not be, and 2) by playing with your strengths while surrounding yourself with people that are smarter than you in their respective core areas, the process is accelerated by 10x.

Now, the Maki family is looking forward to reaching new heights with its newest member. “Pauliina is a well-recognized player in the Nordic tech scene and has a high degree of understanding of the VC field through her experience at Slush, Wave Ventures and FVCA. We are extremely happy to have her join the Maki team,” says Ilkka Kivimäki, Partner at

Before ending up in VC, Pauliina worked both in-house and at an agency within the fields of marketing and communications, helping global tech, food, and lifestyle brands solve communications challenges and find creative ideas to drive growth.

A firm believer of the more complex the tech, the simpler the key message has to be, Pauliina loves to work with founders with big visions that radically shape the world we live in, and with companies that show what they stand for and deliver that consistently across touchpoints. Rumor has it she also has a secret wish for seeing more direct-to-consumer brands come out of the Nordics.

In her free time, Pauliina, who competed for the national youth team in track and field, is always up for a run — or alternatively likes to balance things out with a meditative yoga session or over a glass of wine.

Pauliina holds a M.Sc and CEMS MIM from Aalto University School of Business, and a B.Soc.Sc from the University of Helsinki.