For members: Freelancer Revolution – Today and Tomorrow

11.5.2021 @ 15:00 – 16:00

Effectively managing a workforce comprising internal and external players in a way that is both aligned with an organisation’s strategic goals and consistent with its values is now a critical business necessity. Gone are the days when companies’ workforce agendas revolved only around hired employees performing work along linear career paths. Today’s workforces comprise a range of internal and external players—employees, contractors, gig workers, professional service providers, application developers, crowdsourced contributors, and others.


So where is the “freelancer revolution” standing today, and where is it heading tomorrow? This webinar, organised by Ferovalo for FVCA members, aims to address the current workforce revolution and the future trends of flexible asset management worldwide.



Where is the freelance revolution now, and where is it headed?
Jon Younger, founder of the Agile Talent Collaborative

Case example: Tesi’s experience on having CFO Interim Manager
Anna Kilpi, Director, Head of HR, Legal and Compliance at Tesi

Transparent platform of managerial level freelancers
Elina Liehu, CEO and Founder of Ferovalo


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