Venture Capital in Finland 2016

Increasing demand for Finnish venture capital expertise

In addition to the 80 M€ invested in Finnish companies, Finnish VCs also invested 40 M€ in foreign companies. Investments in foreign companies tripled from 2015.

Seed stage investments almost quadrupled in five years

Finnish companies in seed stage received 14 M€ in venture capital investments. In 2011 seed stage investments were 3 M€ in total

Finnish venture capital funds raised 114 M€ of new capital

The new funds raised will be invested in early stage companies in the next years. Fund investors include for example pension funds, public sector funds, family offices, corporations, insurance companies and private individuals.

Summary 2016

  • Finnish VC firms invested 121 million Euros (113 M€) in 195 companies (186).
  • In total 169 Finnish companies (172) received investment from Finnish or foreign VC firm. The investment amount totaled 111 M€ (122 M€)
  • Finnish and international VC firms exited 37 (40) Finnish companies.
  • 114 million Euros (107 M€) of new funds were raised by Finnish VC firms.

Note: Previous year’s corresponding figures are in parenthesis.

PDF: VC_in_Finland_2016_preliminary

PDF: VC_PE_Industry_in_Finland_2015