Board of directors

FVCA’s Board of directors is responsible for leading the planning and monitoring of the association’s operations. The board is led by the chair, while the association’s managing director holds the board secretary position.

Board members and deputy board members

Juhana Kallio Intera Partners Chair of the board
riku asikainen
Riku Asikainen Evli Growth Partners Board member
Marika aj Enehjelm Norvestor Board member
Juho Frilander
Juho Frilander EQT Board member
Pirkka Palomäki
Pirkka Palomäki Board member
juha peltola
Juha Peltola Vaaka Partners Board member
jussi sainiemi
Jussi Sainiemi Voima Ventures Board member
mia sirkiä
Mia Sirkiä Saari Partners Board member
Aapo Eskelinen MB Rahastot Oy Deputy board member
juhani kalliovaara
Juhani Kalliovaara Sponsor Capital Deputy board member
Marko Kyyrönen Deputy board member
jaakko lampela
Jaakko Lampela Nordic Option Deputy board member
kalle lumio
Kalle Lumio Nordia Management Deputy board member
Artturi Tarjanne Nexit Ventures Deputy board member
tommi äijälä
Tommi Äijälä Innovestor Deputy board member
Anne Horttanainen
Anne Horttanainen FVCA Board secretary