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The Finnish Venture Capital Association is the industry body and public policy advocate for the venture capital and private equity investors in Finland. The association’s membership is constantly growing – the Finnish chapter is currently the largest in the Nordic countries, with nearly 200 corporate members.

A member of the association can be a PE/VC company engaged in the field in Finland or a legal entity operating as a professional fund investor in Finland. Other members in the venture capital category can include other legal entities engaged in professional venture capital operations. Numerous family offices and corporate venture capital investors are members. Associate membership can be granted to an organization that has the potential to influence the development of venture capital operations in Finland.

Member benefits

When you join the association, you will receive many significant member benefits, such as visibility in the Finnish PE/VC field and the opportunity to participate in the association’s events and training.

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Membership fees

The membership fees differ between member categories.

The payment classes are determined by the AuM of the investor members and by the number of personnel of associate members. For ‘other private equity investor’ members the membership fee is based on assets allocated for private equity investments only (not total AuM).

Full members and other private equity investors

Assets under management (AuM)

< 10 MEUR / 1200 EUR
10 – 20 MEUR / 2400 EUR
20 – 100 MEUR / 4200 EUR
100 – 500 MEUR / 6000 EUR
> 500 MEUR / 8400 EUR

Foreign investor (GP, CVC, FO), no office in Finland 5000 EUR
Fund investor (LP) 4400 EUR

Associate members

Number of personnel
Less than 10 / 2400 EUR
10 – 29 / 3600 EUR
30 – 99 / 4200 EUR
100 – 250 / 5400 EUR
250 – / 7000 EUR

    Membership application

    You can apply for membership by filling in the form below. The Association's Board of Directors will process your application as soon as possible.

    For more information, please contact the association's team, our contact details can be found here.

    The following information is only required by full member applicants: private equity investors (GPs) and fund investors (LPs) and "Other Privte Equity Investor" -applicants. Associate member applicants can describe their business in the "additional information" box below.