Introducing our new member Serafim Finans: “We can add value to a client segment that is often overlooked by traditional financing partners”

Serafim Finans is a credit market company and alternative lender that provides financial services for corporates, financial sponsors and real estate companies in the small to mid-cap segment as well as private individuals. Products and services provided include debt financing solutions as well as factoring services for both Nordic and international clients. 

When was Serafim Finans founded and why?

Serafim Finans was founded in 2004 with the purpose of being a complement as well as an alternative to traditional banks targeting clients in need of financing solutions and holistic debt advisory services. Serafim Finans supports borrowers ranging from scale-up to mature stages in the corporate and real estate segment along with private equity companies, family offices and investment companies and funds in the small to medium-sized segment.

Tell us about your team.

Serafim Finans has in total 45 employees based in Stockholm and Skellefteå, Sweden. Robin Ghosh, who heads the Corporate & Leveraged Loans unit has close to 15 years of experience within the debt financing field and was part of the debt financing units at SEB and Danske Bank prior to joining Serafim Finans in January 2022. The rest of the team consists of highly experienced individuals with a wide range of competencies covering a broad client spectrum. Given the team’s background from large financial institutions, we are experienced in and able to serve our clients with structured financing solutions spanning from acquisition and leveraged finance structures to bridge financing solutions and traditional working capital facilities.

Where does Serafim operate?

Apart from Sweden, Serafim has a license to operate in Norway and Finland.

Why are you expanding to Finland?

Finland is a highly interesting market given our business model. We therefore see a clear role for actors like us to fill the gap in which the small to medium-sized client segment do not receive enough support with structured financing solutions and advisory services from traditional banks. Robin’s part-Finnish background and having historically worked with Finnish clients also makes Finland the natural choice in the next step of Serafim’s expansion plans.

What are the core values steering the company’s actions?

We believe that the basis for providing advice and an understanding of clients’ needs is personal relationships. Serafim’s guiding principles lie on long-term client relations, quality and becoming a natural speaking partner for our clients.

What kind of value do you bring for private equity and venture capital investors?

Through our competence and experience within the PE and VC space, we truly believe we can add value to a client segment that is often overlooked by traditional financing partners. Our business model relies on finding solutions together with our clients, rather than applying ready-made structures and policies.

Robin is frequently traveling to Finland and would be happy to meet face to face to learn more about interesting companies based in Finland!

Read more about Serafim Finans on their website.