Nordic Science Investments, a newly launched venture capital fund, drives spinout success in the Nordics through expertise in research commercialisation


Nordic Science Investments is the first Nordic VC fund dedicated to university spinouts and is led by experts in technology transfer from top universities. It aims to unlock the commercial potential of academic innovations, pioneering the transformation of research into market successes in the Nordics. The firm has successfully finalised the first closing of its debut €60 million fund and has begun making its first investments.

Nordic Science Investments (NSI), positioned at the intersection of academia and the private sector, aims to support researchers and universities in converting inventions into successful businesses. Beyond offering growth capital, the company provides strategic support, access to international networks, and guidance in team building for early-stage spinout companies to initiate their operations.

“Nordic universities are constantly creating world-class innovations and breakthrough technologies that can solve even major societal problems. However, research-based deep technologies face many common challenges when it comes to initial commercialisation. Many investors may also shy away from projects that they consider too complex, for example in terms of the transfer of intangible rights or team formation. We want to actively participate in turning researchers’ revolutionary insights into commercial success stories,” says Jari Strandman, CEO and Founding Partner of Nordic Science Investments.

The company’s success is built on active collaboration with universities and researchers. As a pivotal early-stage anchor investor, NSI commits to derisking teams to increase their attractiveness for future investments by later-stage venture capitalists. This involves active engagement in developing potential investment targets, often before the companies are formally established, ensuring these portfolio companies are well-prepared for subsequent private investments.

A team experienced in research commercialisation has launched a €60 million fund dedicated to spinouts

Nordic Science Investments is currently the first fund in the Nordics to target spinout creation at scale by focusing on the earliest stages of commercial development. The company has just completed the first closing of its inaugural fund and is proceeding with its initial investments in University spinouts.

“We are very pleased with the results of our first fundraising close. The initial round has attracted significant institutional investors, which indicates that there is a clear demand for this type of fund at the interface with universities,” says Matti Hautsalo, seasoned Venture Capitalist and Founding Partner of Nordic Science Investments.

Among the Investors who are participating in the first round is Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd), which believes that NSI not only fills a financial gap but also has the potential to attract new international investors who have previously overlooked research-based innovations in the Nordic region.

“For us at Tesi, it is important to support the commercialisation of innovations and research, especially now when the financial situation among Finnish start-up companies focusing on deep technologies has recently deteriorated, and new companies are not being established at the same rate as before. Nordic Science Investments brings significant new capital and expertise to support Finland’s science and research-based companies. It may also turn the eyes of new international investors towards Finland and the Nordic countries,” says Samuel Wendel, Senior Market Research Analyst at Tesi.

International expertise and networks

In addition to Jari Strandman and Matti Hautsalo, the founding partners of Nordic Science Investments include Dr Alexandra Gylfe, and Anssi Uimonen, responsible for fundraising efforts. The four have strong expertise in academic research, technology transfer and investment, as well as extensive and influential international networks within science-focused investment communities.

“We have done a tremendous amount of background work and leveraged our own as well as our partners’ experiences from the best practices in leading science investment funds in the UK and the US. We believe that our strategic business model built on these lessons will significantly boost the commercialisation of research results in Finland and elsewhere in the Nordic region,” says Dr Alexandra Gylfe.

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