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The Finnish Venture Capital Association is the leading public policy advocate for the venture capital and private equity industry in Finland. The Association’s membership benefits include access to current statistics, research, industry networking events and high-quality seminars and educational events. The Association’s monthly member newsletters, committee memberships, support with PR and communications, extranet and many other membership benefits are also available to our members.

Become a Member

The Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) has three different member categories: 1) General Partners & Limited Partners, 2) Other Private Equity Investors and 3) Associate Members.


To become a full member of the association, the organization must have legal capacity and practice private equity or venture capital activities in Finland. Foreign competent organizations can also be accepted as members. Private equity and venture capital investors (GP) as well as fund investors (LP) are welcome to join FVCA as a member.


Other private equity investors are companies that are professionally engaged in private equity and have a well-established and regular business of making equity investments from their own balance sheets (including, for example, family office and corporate venture capital investors).


Associate membership can be admitted to such organizations and private individuals that can and will influence the private equity and venture capital industry in Finland.


Membership benefits


Examples of direct member benefits in brief:

* Inclusion in member directory * Events & networking * Member newsletter * Latest industry news to your email every Sunday * Support with PR and communications * Committee memberships * Access to extranet, statistics and research * Guidelines and recommendations *


Visibility in the association’s network – member profile and the investor search engine


The Association’s website has a lot of gathered information about its members and the industry. When a new member joins the association, a public member profile is created on the association’s website so that the new member becomes familiar to our entire network. The new GP and other private equity investors are also added to FVCA’s investor search engine, which can be used by start-ups and growth companies that are looking for investments.


Check out also the guide we’ve created for companies seeking investment. The guide can be found on our website.


The introduction of a new member


We want to introduce the new members along with their teams to our network following the activities of the association. To this end we offer new members the opportunity to introduce themselves in the form of a membership newsletter and / or blog. The introduction is published on the association’s website and included in our next newsletter. The article is also distributed through the association’s social media accounts to our followers (@FVCAfi).


Networking & education


The members of the association gain access to industry networking events and high-quality seminars and educational events. We are happy to organize events in cooperation with our members as well as to support the marketing of events organized by our members.


Support with PR and communications and access to the industry newsletters


The membership provides you access to the association’s communication: we regularly inform our members about regulation, statistics, publications, events and other relevant matters affecting the industry in Finland. Additionally, our members are entitled to use our extranet services, in which can be found our policy materials, research and statistics, committee minutes, and seminar presentations among others.


We established also a new highly appreciated communication service: weekly newsletter. Every Sunday, members of the association receive an email about the latest news in the venture capital and private equity industry.


We are here to provide support to our members with PR and communications. We also gladly share any news, blog posts etc. regarding your company on our channels.



Public relations and lobbying


Members also benefit from FVCA’s work as the leading public policy advocate for the venture capital and private equity industry in Finland.


As a member, you are also making the voice of the industry heard. We actively communicate towards policymakers on national and EU levels, and we contribute to taking the crucial policy questions forward. Members are welcome to join our committees and working groups!


We are happy to discuss more about the membership and how we could help our members in the best possible way. Please, do not hesitate to be in contact!

Membership fees

Association’s member categories have different sizes of membership fees.

The payment classes are determined by the AuM of the investors and by the size of personnel of associate members.



Assets under management (AuM)

 < 10 MEUR / 1000 EUR

10 – 20 MEUR / 2000 EUR

20 – 100 MEUR / 3500 EUR

100 – 500 MEUR / 5000 EUR

> 500 MEUR / 7000 EUR


Foreign GP (no office in Finland) 5000 EUR

Fund investor (LP) 4000 EUR


Size of personnel

Alle 10 / 2000 EUR

10 – 29 / 3000 EUR

30 – 99 / 3500 EUR

100 – / 4500 EUR

Membership application

You can apply for a membership by filling the form below. The Board of Directors of the association will process the membership application as soon as possible.


For more information, please contact the association’s Managing Director Pia Santavirta: via mobile phone +358 40 5467 749 or via email


The following information is only required by full member applicants: private equity investors (GPs) and fund investors (LPs) and "Other Privte Equity Investor" -applicants. Associate member applicants can describe their business in the "Additional information" box below.
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