Culture and Technology at the center of mergers and acquisitions – Webinar

According to studies, 70 – 90% of all business arrangements fail, and the most typical reason is the failure of technology integration or cultural change management.

To identify these risks, MPS and Sofigate have created a new type of M&A service that focuses on in-depth analysis and risk mapping of both technology and corporate culture as part of the Due Diligence process.

Join the webinar to learn about:

  • How do you prepare for a business arrangement?
  • How do you make business arrangements successful?
  • What does corporate restructuring readiness require in terms of culture and technology?

In the webinar, Sofigate’s Mikko Saari and MPS Executive & Board’s Jussi Kärkkäinen explain how analysis can reduce the typical technological, people, and management risks associated with business transactions. Sofigate is responsible for the technology analysis of the service and auditing the MPS strategy-oriented culture. In the webinar, you will hear in more detail how risk mapping of target companies is done and what can be found about the company’s growth potential and development needs.

The webinar lasts 45 minutes, after which 15 minutes are reserved for questions.

The webinar will be recorded for all registrants.

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