EC2VC Investment Forum and Pitch Match at Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024

Gathering entrepreneurs and investors to move digital health forward with radical honesty and practicality. Be a part of the exclusive, invite-only EC2VC Investment Forum and Pitch Match on May 21st as part of Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024. This year, we are slightly evolving the EC2VC format whilst maintaining true to our mission: gathering the most active investors and innovators with clinicians and healthcare decision-makers to re-invent healthcare innovation, and accelerate investments and adoption at scale. We’ll keep the investor forum, turn the pitch competition into a Pitch Match, and elevate the investors only Networking Dinner.

The Investor Forum
The investment forum takes place with insightful talks and radical panel discussions focusing on the questions everyone has on their mind – things we elude to on social but never get to discuss in an open, honest forum:

  • What does 2024 and beyond hold for digital health investments?
  • How can all the P’s (payers, providers, politicians, pharma)come together to make things easier for startups?
  • What are some of the similarities and differenceswhen we look at digital health across Europe and by country?
  • Where are the blockers to validation, traction and broad adoption as we move toward prevention and precision at scale?

The Pitch Match
This is where we shake things up. We’d like to experiment with a setting that shifts from hard pitch to soft skills with a workshop-style dialogue amongst investors and entrepreneurs, followed by one-on-one private discussions matching startups to investors based on mutual expressed interest.

Startups will get the chance for intimate, meaningful dialogue with top investors, receiving precious and practical advice on building investable, sustainable, successful digital health startups in Europe. With the potential to have follow-up investment discussions right there on site. To make this work, we’ll ask startups ahead of the event to set up a profile and attach their pitch deck (no separate application this year) on R2GConnect Platform if they don’t already have a profile. The startups can then select up to five EC2VC investors they would like to have a private conversation with.

Investors will offer their valuable advice in this exclusive environment to founders, but also gather insights beyond the pitch into who the founding team is, how they see the space and how they will persevere to move digital health forward. They will review the profiles and pitch decks on R2GConnect Platform and select up to five startups they would like to speak with privately. We believe we can create a safe space for exploration, intellectual debate and problem-solving as a radical approach to moving digital health investment forward in 2024.

The Investors Networking Dinner

We’ll end the day with a twist on the old favorite. Let’s sit around the table and break bread, but this time we’ve invited all the key players including VCs, Angels, and LPs to mingle and solve all the tough problems in time for dessert.

Investors, confirm your complimentary seat at EC2VC by registering here. EC2VC Investment Forum is free for investors and offers a 25% discount to those interested in joining the rest of Radical Health Festival Helsinki. Email for your discount code.