SuperInvestor 2024

SuperInvestor like you’ve never known it before – 3,000+ real decision-makers. 1,000+ senior LPs. 1,500+ leading GPs. 90,000+ meetings.

Join us in Monaco on 5-8 November 2024 for a unique event experience. A far cry from the typical city-centre hotel, the Grimaldi Forum offers giant meeting areas and fabulous outdoor networking. So you can enjoy the perfect space for productive connections with the people who matter. Play your part in the 90,000 meetings that will take place at SuperInvestor.

A new dedicated meeting zone

Supercharge your connections with SuperInvestor Allocate: quickfire 1:1 meetings in dedicated time slots each day. Helping you network with the people you value most in a time efficient way.

Pre-arrange meetings in the SuperInvestor Allocate networking zone via the app. Each day’s meetings will be focused on topics such as growth and venture, private debt and buyouts. To ensure you meet with LPs and GPs with similar investment strategies. Outside of SuperInvestor Allocate, you can book a private meeting room or booth to get that key deal done.

For more information go to SuperInvestor 2024 website.

There is a discount of -10%  available for FVCA members (register by Friday 5 July to save a further £1,400). Access the reduced price tickets through our member login or contact for more information.